Radosław Mantiuk

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland

Research projects

gdTMOGaze-dependent tone mapping

In this project we model the process of temporal adaptation of the human visual system to varying luminance conditions. Temporary adaptation luminance is then determined in the area surrounding the gaze point captured by eye tracker. We use its value to compress the high dynamic range image and display it on the low dynamic range display (project page).


eye_movementsGaze-driven object tracking for real time rendering 

In this project we present a new probabilistic method that predicts the patterns of user’s eye fixations in animated 3D scenes from noisy eye-tracker data. Eye-tracking can thus be used, for example, to induce focal cues via gaze-contingent depth-of-field rendering, add intuitive controls to a video game, and create a highly reliable scene-aware saliency model. project page

teaser_iconGaze-dependent ambient occlusion 

In this project we present the gaze-dependent ambient occlusion technique in which information about the human viewing direction is used to vary accuracy of ambient occlusion computation. project page 


iconComparison of four subjective methods for image quality assessment

This paper is intended to help design efficient and rigorous quality assessment experiments and emphasise the key aspects of the results analysis. project page

teaser_iconGaze-Dependent Depth-of-Field Effect Rendering in Virtual Environments

This paper is intended to present a gaze-dependent depth-of-field (DOF) rendering setup, consisting of high frequency eye tracker connected to a graphics workstation. project page

logoFast implementation of HDR pipeline

In this work we present a CPU-based acceleration techniques for fast processing of the high dynamic range images. project page


diy_eye_trackerDo-It-Yourself Eye Tracker Low-Cost Pupil-Based Eye Tracker for Computer Graphics Applications

In this work we present pupil-based eye tracker of our own design and construction. We discuss how to build eye tracker in the budget of 30 euros and measure its accuracy. project page

color_correctionColor correction for tone mapping

In this work we research how to change image colorfulness after contrast compression or enhancement. project page


logoImage Registration for Multi-exposure High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition

In this work we present a fully automatic method for eliminating misalignments between a sequence of hand-held photographs taken at different exposures. project page