Radosław Mantiuk

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland


ERASMUS course on Computer Games Programming

This course aims at development of students’ skills related to computer games programming. During workshops students prepare a simple computer game based on delivered templates but their own concept and design. They develop this game in C/C++ with the use of Qt and OpenGL libraries. Lectures discuss issues related to the computer graphics techniques with particular emphasis on the real time algorithms.

Lecture topics:

  1. Introduction to computer graphics (image synthesis, global and local lighting models, real time in computer graphics).
  2. Image and colours (raster image, image sampling, quantisation, image reconstruction, aliasing, human visual system, colour representation, perceptual phenomena).
  3. Real time graphics pipeline (scene representation, geometry processing, projection, shading models, texturing).
  4. Graphics hardware and OpenGL library.
  5. Beyond the real time computer graphics.

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ERASMUS course on Computational Photography

This course aimed at studying digital photography techniques, especially the high dynamic range topics. Students learn how to work with contemporary digital cameras and how to process the raw photographic data. The course includes the basis of image composition, gives advice on how to take good photos and avoid artefacts.

Lecture topics:

  1. Digital photography hardware (camera, aperture, shutter, lenses, light sensors).
  2. Physical aspect of photography (exposure, lens aberrations, noise, lens resolution).
  3. Camera as a light meter.
  4. HDR imaging (how to take a HDR photo, tone mapping, HDR standards).