Radosław Mantiuk

West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland

Computer games programming (Erasmus)


  1. Introduction to OpenGL library and Qt platform.
  2. Sample OpenGL application (here).
  3. Animation (here).
  4. Game framework (here).


  1. Introduction to computer graphics (graphics system, graphics board, LCD display, real time graphics libraries, OpenGL).
  2. Real time rendering pipeline (pdfpdfpdf)
    • 3D scene,
    • geometry processing (geometric transformations, projection, clipping, screen mapping),
    • illumination model (light sources, local illumination model),
    • rasterization (triangle shading, merging data),
    • Z-buffer,
    • texturing.
  3. Color profiles (human eye, metamerism, color representation, gamma correction, color profiles, sRGB profile).